Plant Approval Number

CE IT 312 M


The Pini Italia Group was founded in 1982, with its history of excellence driven by three generations.


The Pini Italia Group has become one of Europe’s leading pork and pork products groups, with operational centres around the continent. The Pini Italia Group’s drive for growth has been key to developing new projects.


The Pini Italia Group exports to over 70 countries and has commercial offices in five different countries.

High Productivity

Pini Italia SRL commenced its activity in 1982 and is noteworthy given its magnitude, innovation and automation, which afford it a slaughter capacity of 160,000 pigs per week.

Its facilities amount to 62,000 square metres of buildings and they include a cutting room that houses 22 production lines and another room especially equipped to produce fresh packaged meat, in addition to a treatment plant that guarantees full management of wastewater, a certified internal laboratory and an accredited training centre.

Proximity to farmers,
essential to Pini Italia

The number of pig farms in Parma, and in the Bergamasca  region in particular, makes Castelverde a strategic point with great potential within the agri-food industry. Proximity to farmers is an essential value in our quest to ensure animal welfare as it means reduced transport times and a diminished risk of losses during journeys.

The launch of Pini Italia Group, the investment for which was deemed to be of local interest by the Government of Parma, involves a notable increase in our province’s GDP.